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God Almighty

Paasilinna, Arto

Tongue-in-cheek story of a robust Finnish man’s difficult time standing in for God.

Birger Ryynänen works as a crane driver in Helsinki. Behind him lie a failed marriage and a painful divorce – something that his child’s maintenance payments won’t let him forget. Yet without the intense jealousy of his plain-speaking partner Eija, Birger’s small world would be pleasant and agreeable.

Over the years, closeted above the world in his crane, Birger has often pondered life’s deeper questions. He is no churchgoer, but occasionally, when he is up in the sky working, he chats to God – and is sometimes rather critical of the flaws in the Lord’s creation.

What Birger cannot know is that God is stressed out and yearning to take a sabbatical. Which is why Saint Peter and the Archangel Gabriel have been ordered to find a suitable stand-in. One day, Saint Peter flutters down from heaven and lands on the roof of Birger’s crane. Peter makes an unbelievable proposal and forces Birger to respond to his cry for help.

Arto Paasilinna’s lively and hilarious novel can be likened to Italian author Giovanni Guareschi’s Father Camillo series, which is written with a similarly earthy and heartfelt humour.

Rights sold

German (Lûbbe)
Swedish (Brombergs)
Dutch (Wereldbibliotheek)

Reading material

Finnish edition
German edition
Swedish edition
Dutch edition

ISBN: 978-951-0-21415-2
Size: 130 mm x 197 mm

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God Almighty